Personal Services

Financial Services

Legacy Advisory Partners works with families as fee-based registered representatives.

Business owners make important personal financial decisions every day. Our team advises owners on asset management decisions that help support their financial independence, family legacy, estate and tax, and charitable giving goals.

Legacy works with business owners to build a financial plan from the “headwaters” perspective. This means we ask questions around future business growth goals, the expected profit from that growth, the net income budget on that profit, and, ultimately, the dividends/distributions from the business into your personal estate. The headwaters concept looks at the revenue and profit of your business when it is in your clients’ hands all the way to your personal estate.

Financial Independence Planning

Financial planning for the business owner starts with these questions:

Have I saved enough to be financially independent from the future success of my business?

Will my assets provide sustainable income for my goals?

We help you define what you will need to be financially independent and determine how your company can help you achieve those goals. As such, sustaining your business and the legacy you have built should be a priority in building an effective strategy towards your financial independence.

Our process helps business owners build a financial plan that addresses The 3 Wins – The Shareholder Win, The Corporate Win, and The Key-Leader Win. Considering each win with a balanced, long­ term perspective can help drive what we call a “Collaboration Effect on Profit,” thereby accomplishing your financial goals through the continued success of the company.

Asset Management

We help business owners plan for their future financial independence through the 3 Wins approach. This includes growth and profit goals, net income budgeting, owner distribution schedules, lifestyle budgeting, personal savings goals, and investment allocation strategy.

Investment allocation strategy is built on the following steps:

One: Goal Setting
Two: Risk Analysis
Three: Cash Flow Planning
Four: Portfolio Philosophy

Life and Disability Insurance Planning for Estate Protection and Charitable Giving Purposes

Life and disability insurance provides protection for families and estates from different areas of risk. The most common question is, “how could the death or disability of an owner impact the short-term and long-term success of a family?”  We help owners identify the potential impacts in the areas of estate planning, estate taxes, charitable giving, and succession.